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A New Paradigm

At about the time I was finally graduating from architecture school, a significant shift was taking place. A key skill that started making its presence felt on resumes was ‘proficient at AutoCAD’. Potential employers started seriously looking for CAD skills in potential hires. The ubiquitous drawing board was seriously under threat. It actually never stood a chance. Days of instant gratification were around the corner. Though the drawing software remained (still remains) non-intuitive and error-prone, life was easier. And working with anything that made life easy was here to stay.

With immersive tech it gets even better. We now have the ability to build intelligent, intuitive and error-free designs. Faster and more efficient than ever. We now have the ability to build virtually before we actually build. Everything tied up even before hitting the site – complex structures, geometries, finishes, products, everything. Imagine the costs to be saved.

With the desks of the future holding VR headsets; the resumes of the future are going to see new skills too. Proficient in VR (tad jingoistic I admit) will be it.

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