For building product manufacturer brands seeking an efficient platform to showcase their products and for architects & designers facing communication challenges, Trezi Showcase is the immersive bridge that connects them both. It facilitates real-time interactions with end-clients and positively impacts product discovery.

Collaborative Platform

By reducing the costs associated with physical mock-ups and models, Trezi Showcase offers a real-time, immersive and interactive design experience that articulates design intent to match client expectations, while delivering significant business impact and improved profitability.


  • High costs associated with multiple physical mock-ups and displays.
  • Slow decision-making 
  • Poor communication of product capabilities and experience - stock renders and 3d models insufficient
  • Inadequate marketing reach
  • Low engagement with architects & designers due to  poor collaboration. 
  • Limits relationship-building and trust between building product manufacturer and architect/designer.


Digital Transformation

Rapid digital transformation of marketing and sales channels.

Immersive Collaborative Platform

Increased market penetration by providing access to products to architects and designers on a VR platform in a socially-distanced world, enabling quick decision-making, - design review & decisions and creating remote working opportunities.

Virtual Storefronts

Efficient creation of Virtual Storefronts in an immersive environment.

Product Discovery

Trezi Showcase facilitates real-time interactions with end-clients and positively impacts product discovery.

Virtual Twins

Virtual twins of product samples and mock-ups integrated in the architect/customer’s design using VR-ready catalogs, reducing physical mock-up costs.


Meaningful engagement with architects, designers and end-customers.

Cost Optimization

Cost-reduction achieved by:

  • Replacing physical stores by Virtual Storefronts.
  • Creation of Virtual Twins of product samples.
  • Elimination of logistical challenges.

With Trezi, you are in good company

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers say:

Hensel Phelps Logo

We have been working with SmartVizX team on early access preview of Trezi to assess the product’s applicability beyond the design phase, in the construction process. The potential here is immense.

Asheesh Bajaj Project Manager, Hensel Phelps

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