It was some weeks ago that my friend’s son woke me up to the ease with which a younger generation of architects will accept immersive tech and devices in the future. Vidit – a final year student of architecture – totally nailed it for me this week!

Vidit is amongst the new age of architecture students – extremely bright, sharp with his design skills and totally in sync with new tech. It helps that he’s a gamer too. So, picking up something new isn’t a struggle for him; the way it is for quite a few of us old-school architects. Some of us actually dislike technology; no wonder we struggle with getting our projects delivered the way we do.

I first met Vidit in August of last year. My team and I had kicked off our first Earlyvangelist association for our soon-to-be-launched VR product, with one of the largest architecture firms in the world. Vidit was training with them and the quality of his inputs clearly stood out in the group. We kept in touch and agreed to take VR to his school when the time was right.

And then the right time came. For his final year design project, Vidit actually presented his design in VR using a trial version of our VR product. This may well be a first time ever. Anywhere in the world. How powerful is that? The other good news was that his jurors and faculty encouraged him for using a new tech like VR in his presentation. Back in 1996, when I presented my final year project with CAD drawings, I flunked. “We draw with our hands”, I was told. Computers weren’t accepted as a tool for the design school presentations back then. We all know what happened to that.

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