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Three is the Magic Number

The Rule of Three, or Power of Three, suggests that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, more effective, and/or more memorable, than other numbers of things.My favorite example of the power of 3 is Gothic architecture’s three defining characteristics:

  • the pointed arch,
  • the ribbed vault, and
  • the flying buttress.

These 3 characteristics already existed in the prevailing Romanesque architecture style. The power was the combined use of the 3 to support the underlying shifts towards a society that would be more intellectual, political, and urban, another power of 3. Gothic architecture’s alignment with societal shifts allowed the style to flourish from the mid-12th century to the mid-16th century. The Gothic buildings remaining today are the cathedrals and civic buildings which highlight how these 3 elements came together to allow craftsmen to build taller and taller, thinner and thinner, light filled cathedrals and buildings creating the new centers of cities to gather people and communicate society’s growing intellectual and political thinking. Gothic architecture, in my opinion, may be viewed as the architectural threshold to the Renaissance.

Why the mini-history lesson? To introduce the Trezi Power of 3:

  • transform,
  • design, and
  • experience.

When we transform, we change. When we design, we iterate. When we experience, we understand. When we combine these 3 using Trezi:

Our participation as a project stakeholder conducting design reviews, exploring design options and making decisions is more effective with Trezi. In the full-scale, immersive VR Work Space of Trezi, the Editing and Presentation tool-kits let us modify and create new layouts; add, move or remove design objects; then capture and share our design decisions using Trezi’s 4K snapshots, 360 panoramas, and full HD video.

Our design abilities are strengthened with Trezi. Starting with Trezi’s BIM integrations, we can select and combine one or more design models (SketchUp, Revit*, FBX) into the full-scale, immersive VR Work Space. Trezi’s versions, layer visibility, rendering modes, VR-ready building product catalogs, libraries of entourage and materials let us iterate and refine the design, material and color palettes, and product options; then Trezi saves our work to share with other team members in its own proprietary format as well as exporting all data to a single, consolidated SketchUp or IFC (in development) model.

Our understanding of the design is easier with Trezi. Though Trezi’s cloud-enabled collaboration (now in development), all project participants are a unified team collectively experiencing, discussing, questioning, resolving and agreeing while inside the whole design in a single, interactive, full-scale environment whether participating from one room or from locations across the globe.

Trezi is creating a platform for the building industry. Trezi, the power of 3.

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