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Virtual Reality is the future of architecture and construction

Most people believe the construction process is an organized, linear and predictable phenomenon planned top-down into design, contracts and execution packages. But, in reality, the disputed factors of a building project include design decisions, deadlines, man-hours, cost-cutting, material decisions, and client satisfaction, among others. Virtual Reality (VR) is a contemporary, tech-enabled solution that resolves such disputes by addressing the limitations of design, time and money in relation to project stakeholders. As a virtual meeting platform for the building industry, all project stakeholders can virtually be in the same project space on a 1:1 scale, irrespective of their real-time locations.

Among the available architecture software options, Trezi is a VR product that allows as many stakeholders as are needed to collaborate on a project in a virtual work-space. The multi-user collaboration feature in Trezi replaces complications in coordinating physical meetings among project stakeholders. This feature enables appropriate documentation of scheduled meetings – both in the desktop and VR mode. Such meetings involve a host where he/she has the option to ‘gather’ the remaining guests within the virtual project space. The participating guests can contribute their comments textually which gets documented as part of the meetings. This helps to revisit the project space in order to implement changes. By doing this, the quality and pace of meetings are enhanced and there is little room for miscommunication. 

Within the collaboration feature, Trezi accommodates a virtual building product catalog and a library that is home collectively to 1500 building products and materials. The database is curated to suit the needs of projects, vendors, architects, developers, and clients. This is for stakeholders in meetings to navigate and review the project in detail design-wise, planning-wise and material-wise. With utmost ease, one can analyze, examine and modify the design in the building project in this virtual space hosted by Trezi, along with other stakeholders who are involved in the experimentation process. In this way, multiple stakeholders can arrive at a consensus and hasten design decisions by being in the same space, thus saving time, money and avoiding errors in reality.

Virtual Reality is the future of architecture and construction as it provides a radically improved spatial understanding, generating an appealing virtual experience before the actual reality of the project manifests itself. This can be the best architecture software as Virtual Reality in construction is here to stay and is revolutionizing the way we work. VR betters the ethics of the design profession by eliminating prejudices between project collaborators. This, in turn, promotes transparency and creates happy clients who do not wait to address their own confusion on design decisions but feel involved, empathetic and connected.

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