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Trezi – India’s First Truly Global Product

Let’s get straight to the point: India has dominated the services industry for decades and now it is time for products to take the lead.

At SmartVizX, we have developed one such product that solves an old problem that the architecture, engineering and construction industry has been facing for a long time. We are referring to the gap in understanding of design without building a physical mock-up. Now, instead of trying visualization of the 3D data in a project, we have deployed  Virtual Reality. And have nailed this problem with what we call Trezi.

Trezi gives the power of design and on-the-go modifications to architects and designers and a better sense of visualization to their clients. It solves the problem for both by communicating and understanding design intent.

Here’s how Trezi helps architects…

Architects and interior designers using Trezi now spend less time revisiting decisions as their design is understood more easily by their client, and building product manufacturers save money as they do not need to create physical mock-ups.

Let’s just say that you want to set up an office and you hire an architectural design firm to design this space. Now, I will compare two scenarios: what used to happen in the past and the present using Trezi:

In the Past (Old and Current Workflow):

  • The design firm would fly physical mockups of 4-5 work-desks to your office.
  • They would then set up those physical mockups at your location.
  • You would need to physically visit the location and see which one you like.
  • Once you confirmed, they would break all the physical mockups and fly back the parts again to their warehouse.

This is the best-case scenario. Just imagine if you did not approve any of the 4-5 design. They would have had to redo all the above steps.

Now and into the future with Trezi…

  • Design the office space in 3D using any 3D modeling software (Sketchup, Revit etc.) – reusable in the future.
  • Import both of them into Trezi and create a VR model through real-time VR rendering.
  • Visualize it as many times as you want through a virtual reality architectural walkthrough with an approximately infinite number of possible modifications.

All the visualization is as vivid as it would have been in real life, with the added advantage of changing/replacing/removing any furniture in just a few steps.

You get to see your workspace much before it is built and have multiple options to choose from and modify through virtual tours and the design firm benefits by saving time and money on production and transport.n future, they gain more clients because of the possibility of providing more options; a win-win situation for all.

You will notice that we solve a critical pain point and add value to all the entities involved in the entire process.

To make all this possible and to make Trezi simple for users, we have made use of the latest technology – both hardware and software – and are continually improving the product, basis the feedback we receive. Our goal is, and always has been, to solve complex problems for the AEC industry. We handle the complexity so that you have a smooth ride while using our product and put a lot of focus into solving pressing problems which few are willing to take a risk on.

With an increasing number of users from diverse sectors and geographies, Trezi has evolved into a truly unique, immersive solution that leverages virtual reality for all stakeholders in the AEC industry to collaborate on together. We invite you to try Trezi and share your feedback.

To experience a free 14-day trial using your own SteamVR-compatible Virtual Reality kit, please sign up here.

Or contact us to organize a demo at your office – our sales representative will set up an appointment at your convenience.