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The Power of Immersive Collaboration

Today, the solitary architect cannot accomplish much when it comes to design exploration and its eventual finalization. Despite the recent economic slowdown halting the gears on real estate and infrastructure development, the scale, scope and eventual impact of an architect’s duties are only increasing. However, getting all the participants of a project in the same place, or even on the same page is not an easy task! Every hour that is spent on coordination between different stakeholders is the time that is taken away from delivering an error-free project and is hence a poor investment of a project’s resources. 

This chaos in communication and time that is lost in finding an effective collaboration process has led to the need for technology-based intervention. Immersive technology is a definite solution and a step in the right direction and Trezi has a lot to offer here. It is a product that enables architects, designers, building product manufacturers and other stakeholders in the building industry to experience and visualize the project data and collaborate on it with clients and other stakeholders, in an immersive virtual environment, at full scale, irrespective of their geographical locations.

The problem virtual reality solves is through eliminating the need to congregate in person or take numerous trips to the site in order to streamline design intent for all stakeholders involved. VR can make architectural collaboration a walk in the park by offering an immersive experience.

A VR-based building design software, Trezi drastically reduces communication gaps between the client brief and design execution, while improving productivity, increasing efficiency and removing ambiguities of imagination and risks due to individualized interpretation. In its most recent avatar, Trezi 1.11 allows the audio feature that enables collaborators to talk inside the virtual space and have discussions about the project, or discuss changes that need to be incorporated. Now, one can review, modify and explore iterations in real-time, down to the specific model of furniture that is used in a design. Once the meeting ends, Trezi sends meeting notes to all attendees. Those who have suffered on these counts, which is practically 90% of the industry, will truly understand the value of these offerings.

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