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Disruptive Design Communication through VR

Today, technological advancements enable us to work remotely and still be connected in real-time. For professionals in the building industry, Virtual Reality (VR) is a revolutionary, new technology that ensures a real-time relay of communication to multiple stakeholders. This disruptive nature of VR for architects is making huge strides in design experience and communication. 

While design communication traditionally comprised of sketches, drawings, models and semantic descriptions, we have expanded our understanding to explore alternative dimensions to such outputs. VR is the only advancement in the design sector which acts as a technique and gives an output. It is a one-stop solution that reduces multitasking. Through VR for architects we no longer see what we want to see – rather, we see what will eventually be and as was designed.

Trezi is India’s VR-first architectural design communication and collaboration product that generates an immersive computer-based project environment of 1:1 scale with absolute precision for stakeholders to collaboratively investigate, communicate and arrive at the most suitable design decisions for the project. All of this is enabled with the help of a simple VR head-mounted device. With VR, the device-user can simply walk around the immersive impression in an easy-to-understand representation of the design. Initially, the 3D model is processed to enable real-time VR rendering modes – greyscale, shaded and sketch. In order to generate a VR architectural walkthrough in the chosen mode, Trezi needs only three simple steps to be followed – one, to select the key points of the required path, then set the speed of the walkthrough and, finally, set the curvature which leads to the paths along with the walkthrough generation in minutes. The process is complete for direct sharing of the walkthrough web-links that Trezi generates. Such features that create immersive design presentations are great value additions to the overall business of design. On the whole, VR has enhanced the design communication and marketing process for the AEC industry and it enables the quick generation of VR architectural walkthroughs and 360-degree  virtual tours of the project space in no time.

The experience Trezi enables prior to the project execution is at par with the manifested reality. It eliminates even the smallest degree of mismatch in expectations in a design project.

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