Issue: The Trezi Launcher performed a background auto-update then proceeded to download the Trezi software. During the download of the software the download stops or hangs.
Cause: The Trezi Launcher is built to stay up-to-date automatically to ensure that product software, updates, and fixes may be downloaded and available for the user to install / apply. The downloads are managed by the Trezi Launcher to ensure any Internet connection issues are silently handled. However, this is not always the case.
Solution: When the download does become stalled, using the Pause / Resume button will trigger the Trezi Launcher to stop and restart its Internet connection. Typically this will resolve the stalled download and it will continue. As well, the user may cancel the download until a more convenient time.
The Trezi Software may still be used while the download is happening and should not be affected. Go to the Folder icon on the left of the Trezi Launcher to Create or Open and existing Work Space.