Darren J. Rizza

Vice President, Product

Darren is a digitally informed leader, leaning on 25+ years of business technology leadership in professional services. His career experience and education place him at the intersection of design thinking, business strategy and operations, digital and information technology, ready to accelerate business leaders and DevOps teams to capture their full potential. At SmartVizX, Darren leads the creation and development of our VR products. He is responsible for driving the product vertical and leading SmartVizX expansion into the US market.

Putting down technology and picking up his cook’s knife to further his skills as a self-taught cook focused on the cultures and recipes of Italy and India.

One can find Darren teaching the brightest minds in VR how buildings go from design ideas to built structures, learning and writing about the latest advances in design technology and virtual reality, attempting to become an agile scrum guru, and being a dad to a very happy and energetic 5-year-old son.