Vivono Designs presents Livingetc #TheDesignChallenge: Student Edition

As we embrace the new normal, Livingetc India Edition, the Homes Magazine for Modern Living, invites Students of Design Institutes to think design in the digital space. 

Students of design  have the golden opportunity to think out of the box and design solutions for the way our spaces will be used in the near future. Think #WFH, #flexi-spaces, #space-turnaround, #am-pm space #multi-function spaces #new priorities, #kickass design #be your own interior-designer. Essentially, to design the layout of future homes, keeping in mind the new realities, such as sanitising merchandise and a cloak area for outers to be put away (our new norms), among others.

How would you design the spatial layout of a modern Indian home for a young couple, in a post-Covid world?

Partnering with Trezi & Vivono Designs, Livingetc poses these questions as a means to reinvent design articulation in a post-Covid world, through a pan-India design contest that invites creative entries in a variety of mediums – from conceptual sketches to VR-powered walkthroughs.

Joining hands in this exciting Design Challenge is Vivono Designs, a name that brings together Italian Furniture brands that qualify as art, with a timeline that is as updated as the furniture studios in Italy.

Download design brief for #TheDesignChallenge: Student Edition

Download Trezi here.

Download Plan below. 

(Drop a mail at to get SketchUp and DWG files)

Send us your ideas by the 30th of September 2020; write to us at if you have any questions.