The Revolutionary Way to Collaborate in Design-Build

Real-time, interactive design changes and quick decisions

The Revolutionary Way to Collaborate in Design-Build

Real-time, interactive design changes and quick decisions

The Work Space

The Work Space is the immersive VR environment in which the user will interactively engage with and experientially understand the design. Entry into the Work Space starts at the Table Top where the models selected in the Trezi Launcher are presented in model scale, allowing the users to orient themselves and begin the journey into the design. While on the Table Top, the model may be cut by the section planes, horizontally and vertically*, and the user may walk around the table to view the design from all sides. These interactions help the user to determine the place of entry to teleport into the full-scale design.

Once the user teleports into the design model, the Work Space is at full-scale and interactive. The Work Space is the new studio and design may begin.

  • Combine multiple 3D models of any format (SketchUp, FBX, Revit)
  • Save models in original format and combined models into one selected format
  • Save the Work Space to share with co-workers, collaborators
  • Horizontal cut plane allows the model to be understood in ‘plan’
  • Vertical cut plane allows model to be understood in section (coming soon)

The Editing Toolkit

The editing toolkit provides a set of tools to edit, modify and transform the design elements. The tools allow elements to be moved and rotated about the X, Y & Z axes. ‘Cut, copy, paste and delete’ allow reconfiguration of layouts for creating design options and making decisions. Design elements are transformed with precision using the configurable layout grid, axis constraints for move and rotate, and measurement tools. Movements and placements may be controlled with snap settings, and visibility may be controlled with layers.

  • Object Name
  • Group Name
  • Layer Assignment
  • Material Assignments
  • Dimensional Data
  • Undo, Redo
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete
  • Move and Rotate on all axes

The Presentation Toolkit

The presentation toolkit provides a set of tools for presentation, visualization and multimedia creation. The tools allow the Work Space to be set to different rendering modes or styles to allow the design to be best understood, or to ensure focus is kept upon the goals of the presentation. The rendering modes affect the entire Work Space at the click of a button. The time of day control allows the daylighting of the Work Space to be adjusted from morning to night allowing the user to better understand shade, shadows and daylighting control issues. Trezi also offers multimedia content creation of 4K Screenshots, 360 Panoramas and Full HD Video.

  • Create High-Res 2D and 3Dsnapshots
  • Experience 360 Panoramas and Video Walkthroughs
  • VR Video for Samsung Gear, Oculus Go and Google Daydream
  • Black and White Hidden Line
  • Foam Board Model
  • Full Textures and Colours
  • Time of Day
  • Ambient Light

Trezi Libraries and Building Product Catalogs

Trezi provides rapidly growing libraries of materials and 3D objects. There are over 800 materials in the Trezi library readily available for assigning to the design elements, and over 850 3D objects and entourage, also readily available to be inserted into the design.

Trezi also provides access to catalogs of VR-ready building products from manufacturers and suppliers. These catalogs will contain full featured products ready for the user to browse, search, select and insert immediately into the Work Space to be fully evaluated and reviewed. Suppliers will be able to design and present full-scale, complete VR mock-ups of their products without the tremendous costs and waste now associated with on-site mock-ups.

  • Material Library of 800+ textures
  • 3D Object Library of 850+ building objects
  • Building Product Manufacturer and Supplier Catalogs of VR-ready content to browse, select, and insert (coming soon)