Smartworks builds fully serviced workspaces for rent across India. It offers a holistic experience to member companies by offering cost-effective solutions and a technology-driven environment, catering to the changing business dynamics and requirements, whether for an enterprise or an established start-up. In less than three years, the brand has not only become a market leader in the country focusing on large enterprise clientele- with a bespoke, tech and productivity enabled value proposition but the only homegrown agile workspace provider to become profitable in India


  • Team distributed across multiple geographical locations. Hence, team collaboration was difficult.
  • Presenting the design to clients was a challenge since they got no sense of space through 2D and 3D drawings. 
  • Explaining the design to the sales team from the sales perspective was a challenge for the design team.


  • The team now uses Trezi for collaborations.
    All members across the globe can enter the
    space and have design discussions in
  • Used Trezi's immersive and interactive
    features for clients’ presentations, allowing a better understanding of the scale and design. Trezi comes in handy for both teams to collaborate and experience the space.
  • Trezi is compatible with SketchUp. Hence,
    easy for their internal team to use.


  • Team collaborations are much easier and more efficient. Changes to design can be made instantly
  • Trezi has been able to reduce Smartworks’ sales cycle by half. Sign-off time is much less since the client is able to make faster decisions.
  • Saves time and costs since they no longer have to work on project drawings.
  • Acceleration seen in the sales.

Smartworks’ usage of Trezi has been increasing steadily but surged during the COVID19-induced lockdown in India: proving that the immersive environment is effective in bringing stakeholders from multiple locations onto a common collaborative platform.

Customer’s Feedback

We use Trezi for design presentations and collaboration with our internal team. The collaboration that we have done with our sales team has so far been super useful. I am impressed with the tool, mainly with the interaction that has been possible. Till now, we have been doing design presentations with 3D visuals. With Trezi, we can have a live interaction, we can do a real-time revision. Now we spend much less time explaining it to my client. Most of the clients usually don’t understand the space and Trezi has been useful in explaining it to them.

Niroopa Padhmanabhan Head of Design, Smartworks