Immersive Workplace Design: The Trezi Way

Paperspace is one of Asia’s leading design collectives with experienced interior designers and offices in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila. Check out how this international team is leveraging Trezi for real-time VR rendering and virtual tours in its projects.


  • Many projects developed by Paperspace’s designers are based on sophisticated design ideas that can be difficult to explain to clients using traditional 2D drawings and 3D rendering softwares. Their projects are typically focused on the workspace (1,000-3,000 sq.m).
  • Their designers need additional ways to truly understand the space and the relationship of various design elements.
  • Trezi helps their teams to collaborate across regions.


  • Paperspace established immersive VR facilities within the collective’s offices by using Trezi.
  • Designers now open their 3D architecture models in Trezi’s Work Space at different stages of design development.
  • Trezi’s immersive and interactive features enable a better understanding of the space in which they are designing.


  • One of the pioneers in using VR, Paperspace’s prospects are usually impressed with the VR experience, thus helping them reduce their sales cycles significantly.
  • Paperspace team members use Trezi internally. VR has played a major role in helping clients understand the 3D space and reduce the number of design iterations.
  • Trezi gives them a chance to review their designs internally before presenting.

Customer’s Feedback

Sombat Ngamchalermsak

3D is a big part of my design thinking. While I find it easy to think in 3 dimensions, my customers do not necessarily have that ability. I do not blame them, they are not trained design minds. For long, I have been looking for a design product that can help me make my customers and suppliers walk and experience the design and environment I have generated. With Trezi I finally have what I have been looking for.

Sombat Ngamchalermsak Co-Founder, Paperspace Thailand