Megawide Construction DMCC is a Philippines-based infrastructure conglomerate with a diversified portfolio in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Airport Infrastructure, Progressive Property Development and Renewable Energy. They have recently adopted VR in one of their projects in India (Goa International Airport) and have seen the difference for themselves.


  • Megawide typically works on large scale infrastructure projects such as Airports & Property Development. Explaining the design intent to the client is a major challenge.
  • Working on grand-scale projects leads to a large number of iterations due to gaps in design communication.


  • The team now uses Trezi to present Goa International Airport to GMR and help them visualize the space before it is designed.
  • Megawide currently uses VR to help their client understand the space and implement the feedback in a short time period.
  • Trezi is compatible with 3D softwares. Hence, easy for the internal team to use.


  • With Trezi, Megawide has reduced their turnaround time by 30%.
  • Three people use Trezi at Megawide. It has been able to reduce the sign-off time since the client is able to take faster decisions.
  • Saves time and costs due to shorter iterations.
  • Makes it easier for the client to understand the space. Enhances customer satisfaction.

Customer’s Feedback

Trezi has helped our team reduce the turnaround time by 30% and has helped our client visualize the space before it is being designed. At Megawide, Trezi has been able to reduce the number of iterations due to faster feedback via VR.

Mayuri Chaturvedi Executive Architect, Megawide