Cherry Hill

Established in 2000, Cherry Hill is a full-service interior design and architectural firm based in India. They are among the most-recognized names in India in the field of office interior design services. With their headquarters in New Delhi and sub-offices in almost all major Indian cities, they have provided interior and architectural design services to thousands of small and large businesses.


  • Cherry Hill typically works on design and build projects. The firm focuses on office interior design across major cities in India.
  • Cherry Hill wanted to go beyond static visuals to present the design to the end-client.
  • Cherry Hill, like much of the AEC industry, was looking for a better way of explaining design intent to the client.


  • The team began using Trezi to design a new office space for Chegg, a multinational educational company in Delhi-NCR.
  • It is using VR to help their client visualize the office space before construction and help them understand the space better.
  • The team at Cherry Hill has found Trezi to be very easy to use as it is compatible with myriad 3D softwares.


  • Trezi is quite helpful in visualization. It is easier for Chegg to now experience the extent of the space and grasp how the office space is getting divided into various sub-zones.
  • Trezi is used by a three-member team internally as a showstopper to showcase the design to the client.
  • The immediate benefit that Cherry Hill gained when they started using Trezi is the time saved in design finalization.

Customer’s Feedback

At Cherry Hill, we use Trezi for Design and Build Projects. Trezi is very easy to use, and the client can quickly grasp the concept and understand the space by navigating in the world of virtual reality. Immersive technology is still a new concept and, with Trezi on board, we

can easily communicate with clients and help them experience the design intent.

Harshit Goel Concept Designer, Cherry Hill