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Tech Meets Design with Gautam Tewari

The thing with all great things is that there needs to be a start. No start means no outcome and every great idea, without a start, can potentially remain just that – just an idea. It was about Christmas time … Read More

A New Paradigm

At about the time I was finally graduating from architecture school, a significant shift was taking place. A key skill that started making its presence felt on resumes was ‘proficient at AutoCAD’. Potential employers started seriously looking for CAD skills … Read More

A New Day and Age for Design

It was some weeks ago that my friend’s son woke me up to the ease with which a younger generation of architects will accept immersive tech and devices in the future. Vidit – a final year student of architecture – … Read More

Workspace of the Future?

The year was 1991. As a first year student of architecture, I was on a weekend visit to Ahmedabad and at the office of a friend’s father – a very well respected architect. We were particularly excited that day as … Read More