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Installing and Setting up Trezi

Installing Trezi on your system is easy – just follow these steps. But first, let’s make sure your computer meets the hardware requirements and all the hardware and software dependencies are taken care of: Trezi hardware reuirements Setup Vive for … Read More

Trezi – India’s First Truly Global Product

written by Lokesh Basu Senior Software Engineer Trezi – VR Product Engineering SmartVizX   Let’s get right to the point: India has dominated the services industry for decades and now it is time for products to take the lead. This is our … Read More

Trezi Auto-updates

Issue: The Trezi Launcher performed a background auto-update then proceeded to download the Trezi software. During the download of the software the download stops or hangs. Cause: The Trezi Launcher is built to stay up-to-date automatically to ensure that product … Read More

Trezi Libraries and Building Product Catalogs

Trezi provides to the user libraries of materials, currently over 800 different types and expanding rapidly, to further design understanding and decision making by having the options for material selection readily available for assigning to the design elements. Other rapidly … Read More

The Presentation Toolkit

The presentation toolkit provides to the user a set of tools for presentation, visualization and multimedia creation. The tools allow the Work Space to be set to different rendering modes or styles to allow the design to be best understood … Read More

The Editing Toolkit

The editing toolkit provides to the user a set of tools for editing, modifying and transforming the design elements. The tools allow elements to be moved and rotated about all 3 axes. Cut, copy paste and delete allow layouts to … Read More

The Work Space

The Work Space is the immersive VR environment in which the user will interactively engage with and experientially understand the design. Entry to the VR environment starts at the Trezi Launcher, where the Work Space is created or an existing Work … Read More

Three is the Magic Number

The Rule of Three, or Power of Three, suggests that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, more effective, and/or more memorable, than other numbers of things. My favorite example of the power of 3 is Gothic architecture’s … Read More

The Importance of Design Intent

Design intent is an expression that is used frequently in the AEC industry and stems from an individual’s preconceived expectations. Due to these preconceptions, intended design has the ability to create either an instant consensus or a sore misunderstanding. What … Read More