Installing and Setting up Trezi

Installing Trezi on your system is easy – just follow these steps.
But first, let’s make sure your computer meets the hardware requirements and all the hardware and software dependencies are taken care of:
  1. Trezi hardware reuirements
  2. Setup Vive for Trezi
  3. Setup Rift for Trezi

Now that that’s done, let’s get Trezi on to your system:

  • Get the Trezi launcher setup file that will install the Trezi launcher on your computer. Trezi launcher handles installation and updates for the Trezi application and other content.
    • Login to Trezi website using this link:¬†
    • Use the download button located at the top right corner.
      The download button looks like this:
      Trezi launcher download button
  • Run the downloaded file (Trezi Setup 1.0.#.exe) when the download is complete – the installation may take¬†a few moments to complete. A shortcut for starting Trezi will be created on your desktop and in the start menu. The Trezi Launcher will automatically start after the installation is complete.
  • Log in using your Trezi¬†account credentials.
  • Go to the Trezi application tab – it is the first tab on the top left.
  • Click on the INSTALL button to start the installation for Trezi application. The install button will change to reflect the download status – clicking on the button again will take you to the downloads tab where you can see the progress and manage the download.
  • Once the download is finished, the download manager will verify the Trezi application installation. When the process is complete, you’ll see the button on the Trezi tab change to START. You can now start using Trezi.