Trezi РIndia’s First Truly Global Product

written by Lokesh Basu
Senior Software Engineer
Trezi – VR Product Engineering


Let’s get right to the point: India has dominated the services industry for decades and now it is time for¬†products¬†to take the lead.

This is our first baby step towards achieving that dream. The dream of more empowered tech and a product savvy India.

Not just any product.
A product that solves a problem and provides enormous value for its users.
That is what we will refer to as a ‚Äėproduct‚Äô.

We have one such product. A product that adds VALUE. Our product solves one problem that the architecture and design industry have been facing for a long time. Understanding of design without building a physical mock-up. Now instead visualization of the 3d data with Virtual Reality.

And we have nailed that problem with Trezi. 

Our product gives the power of design and modifications to architects and designers and a greater sense of realization and visualization to their clients. It solves the problem for our client (Architects) and our client’s client (you) (:D).

[A bit of clarification: VR is just a medium. It facilitates visualization of environment and data with the TRUE sense of scale and dimension (So, a 3′ wall in real life will appear as 3′ wall in VR). It helps you get the most exact idea of any environment without their physical presence.]

So, how will our product help our customers?

Architects and interior designers spend less time re-visiting decisions as their design is understood more readily by their client and building product manufacturers save money as they do not need to create physical mock-ups.

Let’s just say that you want to set up an office and you hire an architectural design firm (let’s call them BestDesignFirm) to design your office space. Now I‚Äôll compare two scenarios as to what used to happen in past and what will happen now:

In the Past (Old and Current Workflow):

  1. The design firm will fly PHYSICAL mockups of 4-5 work-desk to your office.
  2. Now they will set up those PHYSICAL mockups at your location.
  3. Now you need to physically visit the location and see which one you like.
  4. Once you confirm, they will break all the PHYSICAL mockup and fly back the part again to the warehouse.
  5. This is the BEST case scenario. Just imagine if you do not like any of the 4-5 design. They have to REDO all the above steps.

Now and into the future with Trezi

  1. Design the office space in 3D using any 3D modeling software (Sketchup, Revit etc.) Рreusable in future
  2. Design the work-spaces furniture in 3D using any 3D modeling software (Sketchup, Revit etc.) Рreusable in future
  3. Import both of them into Trezi.
  4. Visualise it as many times as you want with an approximately INFINITE number of possible modifications.
  5. All the visualization is as Vivid as it would have been in real life, with the ADDED advantage of changing/replacing/removing any furniture in just a few steps.

You benefit in a way that you have multiple options to choose from and modify and BestDesignFirm benefits by saving time and money on production and transport, and in future, they gain more and more clients because of the possibility of providing more options. WIN-WIN situation for all.

You can see that we solve a critical pain point and add value to all the entities involved in the entire process.

To make all this possible and to make our product very easy to use, we have made use of latest technology, both hardware, and software. You will rarely see the exact software components but you will always be interacting with one of them. Our goal is and always has been to make technology disappear. Solve complex problems with simple to use the product.

We handle the complexity so that you have a smooth ride while using our product. We put a lot of focus into solving focused problems which no one else is willing to take a risk on. Our goal here at our product team has always been to deliver the best of solution for a REAL life problem.

We as a team are here to help everyone involved with the design and architectural industry create and add more value to the things they love without having to worry about technology. Let us take care of that for you. You just have to use Trezi and let it do most of the work for you.

Let us create a better and customer-centric product together. You use, we will develop.

Start using Trezi ( today.

We are adding many more useful features to make TREZI more robust and useful to EVERYONE.

Write to us at for any information, query or feedback.