Trezi Libraries and Building Product Catalogs

Trezi provides to the user libraries of materials, currently over 800 different types and expanding rapidly, to further design understanding and decision making by having the options for material selection readily available for assigning to the design elements. Other rapidly growing libraries consist of 3d objects and entourage also readily available to be inserted into the design providing even more depth to the design.

Trezi will also become home to catalogs of VR-ready building products from manufacturers and suppliers. These catalogs will contain full featured products ready for the user to browse, search, select and insert immediately into the Work Space to be fully evaluated and reviewed. Suppliers will be able to design and present full-scale, complete VR mock-ups of their products without the tremendous costs and waste now associated with on-site mock-ups.


Location in the Trezi Launcher and the Carousel

  • Trezi Launcher – Cube Icon

  • Carousel – ‘+’ icon


  • Trezi Materials for SketchUp
  • Trezi 3D Objects
  • Insert 3D Objects into Work Space

Step by step

  • Trezi Launcher
    • Download the Trezi Materials for SketchUp
      • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) for the default SketchUp materials
      • Trezi automatically replaces the the SketchUp default materials with PBR materials to ensure high quality
    • Download the Trezi 3D Objects
      • Collections of entourage, building objects and materials
  • Insert Menu
    • Browse through the library organized according to industry standard classifications
    • Scroll up / down the pages of objects
    • Select and Insert the object into the Work Space
    • When finished click Cancel to exit the library

Building Product Catalogs

  • Coming soon