The Work Space

The Work Space is the immersive VR environment in which the user will interactively engage with and experientially understand the design.

Entry to the VR environment starts at the Trezi Launcher, where the Work Space is created or an existing Work Space is selected and then Launched in VR.

The selected models and the user are now at the Table Top where the models are presented in model scale allowing the user to orient themselves and begin the journey into the design. While on the Table Top, the model may be cut by the horizontal section plane (vertical section plane coming next), and the user may walk around the table to view the design from all sides. These interactions help determine the place of entry to teleport into the full-scale design.

Once the user teleports into the design model, the Work Space is at full-scale and highly interactive.

The Work Space is the new studio and design may begin.

Create new and Recent projects

Location in the Trezi Launcher

  • Projects area


  • Create a new project Work Space
  • Open an existing project Work Space

Step by Step

  • Create new

    • Enter a unique name for the project Work Space this will be saved as the project’s ‘.trezi’ file
    • Browse the local or network folders for the project model
    • Select the local catalog folder the default location is
    • C:\Trezi\Assets
    • Click the Launch in VR button
  • Recent projects

    • Select the project from the most recent list
    • Browse the Trezi Workspace folder for the project’s ‘.trezi’ file the default location is
    • C:\Trezi\Workspace
    • Click the Launch in VR button
  • While Trezi launches the model into the Work Space, put on the VR head mounted display (HMD)

The Table Top

Location in the Work Space

  • Point of entry


  • Provides an overview of the model
  • Orients the user to the model in the Work Space and the controllers
  • Allows the point of entry to be easily selected

Step by step

  • Teleport around the Table to view the model and understand its orientation
  • Select a point of entry on the Table Top
  • Teleport to that point or use the Location Tags on the View Menu


Save and Exit

Location in the Carousel

  • File Menu


  • To save all work to disk
  • To exit the current Work Space

Step by step

  • Selecting the Save and Exit button will:
    • The content of the Work Space and any edits made to the content will be saved to a .trezi file using the name provided when the Work Space was created.
    • The content of the Work Space and any edits made to the content will also be saved to a file of the same format of the original model selected when the Work Space was created. This new model file will use the name of the original model file appended with ‘modified-‘.
    • All work will be saved in a Workspace folder within the Trezi Workspace folder.
  • When the .trezi file is saved and the modified model file is created, Trezi will exit the Work Space returning to the Trezi Launcher