The Presentation Toolkit

The presentation toolkit provides to the user a set of tools for presentation, visualization and multimedia creation.

The tools allow the Work Space to be set to different rendering modes or styles to allow the design to be best understood or to ensure focus is kept upon the goals of the presentation. The rendering modes affect the entire Work Space at the click of a button.

The time of day control allows the day-lighting of the Work Space to be adjusted from morning to night allowing the user to better understand shade, shadows and day-lighting control issues.

And for those who are not yet comfortable with the use of VR headsets, or for sharing the design to the extended project team, Trezi offers multimedia content creation of 4K Screenshots, 360 Panoramas and Full HD Video.




Multimedia Creation

Location in the Carousel

  • Share
     (to be replaced)


  • Take 2D Screenshots
  • 360 Panoramas
  • Full HD Video

Step by step

  • Take 2D Screenshots
    • Camera Field of View (FOV)
      • The larger the field of view, the wider the lens and more of the scene will be captured
    • Include UI in capture
      • Yes – checked
      • No – unchecked
    • Image Aspect Ratio
      • 1:1 – Square
      • 4:3 – Fullscreen
      • 16:9 – Widescreen
    • Image orientation
      • Portrait
      • Landscape
  • 360 Panorama
    • to be added
  • Create Full HD Video
    • Create camera path (aka Track)
      • Add key
      • Pull segment to smooth / curve the path
    • Preview track
      • When path is complete, Play
      • video preview will play in finder winder
    • Render track
      • when happy with preview, Render track
      • the length of path will determine the time to render
    • Finished video is located in the Videos folder (default)

Work Space Rendering Modes

Location on the Controller

  • Left-hand controller grip button


  • Black and white hidden line
  • White foam board model
  • Full HD Color

Step by step

  • Click the left controller grip button to instantly step through the 3 render modes for the Work Space